Our Story


Beshears Tree & Lawn, Inc. began in 1983 when Ron purchased a very large and expensive chain saw.  Ron and his twin brother lived on a farm outside Nevada, MO while attending high school.  Wood was their only source of heat so they quickly became wood cutters learning the art of climbing and cutting limbs to fall in the right direction.  The work was hard, but they thoroughly enjoyed it.  After getting married, Ron and his wife, Phyllis bought a home in the country in Smithville, MO and chose to heat their home with wood.  Ron started cutting trees for his family and friends that wanted firewood.  In 1983, Ron traded a John boat with a 5 hp Seking motor and $600.00 for a 14 hp chainsaw with a 4’ bar.  Phyllis spotted the saw and told him he better find somebody who wants to PAY him to cut down their trees.  Ron asked Phyllis, who had a business of her own, how to get started.   He began by taking out an ad in the Thrifty Nickel newspaper under the name Beshears Tree Service advertising free estimates to trim or remove trees.  Business was slow until an ice storm hit Kansas City.  Ron wore out all of his brothers, nephews, many friends and himself cleaning up trees damaged by the storm.  In the process, however, he established a good reputation and referral business has flourished ever since.


In 1989, many of our tree customers were looking for a lawn service and talked Ron into mowing their yards.  Ron soon found out that the lawn maintenance industry involved more than just mowing and trimming.    Advertising lawn maintenance services began when his son and nephews wanted a summer job.  What started as a hobby has grown into a productive small business.   The business that began by offering tree trimming and removal now offers a wide variety of services.  Currently we provide commercial and residential mowing, trimming, edging, aerate, verticut, seeding, mulching, lawn application programs, landscape install/maintenance, tree and shrub trimming and removal, stump removal and snow removal.


Through all the years that Ron has been in the industry he still enjoys getting out and working with the guys and then reminiscing about old times around the woodstove in the barn.   By hiring family and friends that are service oriented and quality minded, Beshears Tree & Lawn has experienced steady growth through the years.  Running a business has been a dream come true for Ron.  While Ron was riding with his oldest brother just the other day, they began to laugh at some of their experiences in that first ice storm.


Purchasing state of the art commercial equipment has been a great asset for the business.  Ron says it is a necessity to add new equipment each year while Phyllis says he is simply adding to his toy box. 


Over the years we have enjoyed many activities with our ‘family and friend’ employees and their families such as bon fires, roasting hot dogs and marshmallows, hayrides, fishing trips, deep frying turkeys and drinking coffee around the wood stove telling tall tales.

With Love,

Ronnie & Phyllis Beshears